President (1929-1933) - Herbert Hoover, the last president elected as a cabinet secretary of previous administrations and only one of two without any previous electoral experience or high military rank, he easily won the republican nomination with the endorsement of then current Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon. During his campaign, he promised continued prosperity with lower taxes, a protective tariff, opposition to farm subsidies, the creation of a new farm agency to assist cooperative marketing associations, and the vigorous enforcement of Prohibition. Once elected, President Hoover also promised "a triumph over poverty," words that would come back to haunt him as the stock market crash of 1929 happened a mere eight months after he took office. He was known as a strong business man and a proprietor of engineering and economic growth, promising, a "chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage," which stuck as his slogan on the campaign trail.

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Essay on Hoover's Campaigns of 1928 and 1932

Title: Campaign and Elections

Author: University of Virginia

Publication: Miller Center


Abstract: A historic, detailed essay that perfectly summarizes Hoover's goals and results on the campaign trail of 1928 and 1932.


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Hoover the administrator, the humanitarian, and the engineer were all on display in the 1928 campaign film "Master of Emergencies," which often left its audiences awestruck and in tears. But perhaps Hoover's greatest advantage in 1928 was his association with the preceding two Republican administrations and their legacy of economic success. Religion and Prohibition quickly emerged as the most volatile and energizing issues in the campaign.

Title: Electoral College Map - 1928

Author: Public Domain



Abstract: A map of electoral votes by state for the 1928 Presidential election.


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Much had changed politically for Hoover in the summer of 1932, The Great Depression that struck during the "Great Engineer's" presidency, and his inability to do much about it, had changed the national mood and its political temper. His public outlook became too much for the still determined Hoover to overcome, despite his continued promises that "we are turning a corner," he eventually was defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 election by a wide margin.

Title: Electoral College Map - 1932


Publication: Public Domain


Abstract: A map of electoral votes by state for the 1932 Presidential election.


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Title: 1932 Campaign memorabilia for Hoover


Publisher: Susan H. Douglas Collection of Political Americana


Abstract: An assortment of buttons and pins that call for the re-election of Hoover in 1932. From the Susan H. Douglas Collection.

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Title: 1928 Ohio GOP Political Ad Piece


Publisher: Ohio Republican Party


Abstract: A brochure produced by the Ohio GOP in 1928, calling to elect Herbert Hoover as president, and Myers Cooper for Governor.


Watch an excerpt of the newsreel covering Herbert Hoover's Presidency

Title: Herbert Hoover Newsreel (excerpt)




Abstract: A short montage of Hoover's presidential accomplishments during his term in the White House.

Herbert Hoover running for re-election in 1932

Title: Herbert Hoover

Author: Herbert Hoover



Abstract: A brief clip of Hoover speaking on the campaign trail of 1932, focusing on re-establishing confidence in the country.